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Q: It’s my first time eating Korean Food, what should I order?

A: We highly recommend you asking a server BUT start off by telling them what you like to eat and let them match a dish to your taste!

Q: What is banchan?

A: It’s not an appetizer and totally complimentary! They are small side dishes served along with your meal. Don’t be afraid to ask for more and be sure to ask your server what each side dish consists of (especially for allergy concerns).

Q: Do we serve kimchi?

A: Of course! We make our own kimchi which is used for banchan, fried rice AKA bokkeum bap, stews, and burgers.

Q: Do we have vegetarian or vegan options?

A: We love our vegetarian and vegan customers! Many dishes can be requested for the vegetarian or vegan versions. Your server can help you figure out which dish is best for you.

Q: Any gluten free items?

A: We have minimal options for gluten free dishes such as: sutbol bibimbap (fresh mixed vegetables on white rice). 

Q: How do I make a reservation?

A: We ask that you call and make a reservation at least 2 hours in advance. For bigger parties (10+), please be sure to call 1 day in advance.  Also don’t forget to leave your name and number with the staff. 

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